Do you want more confidence in your business?

Would you like your audience to really understand what you do and have confidence in you?

Join the monthly club that gives you the confidence to create amazing on brand and professional graphics for your business, understand how to get your brand OUT there and remove the overwhelm and confusion around trying to be consistent and creative with your brand.

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There's no point in having a  beautiful brand identity if no-one sees it.  Understand what branding means for YOUR business and what you need to DO to get it in front of the right people so it can make a difference.  

Branding is telling your story, sharing your idea, being true to your values and consciously applying these throughout your business. Doing your brand as you see it, to help others see it the same way.  The Brand Success Club will help you with this.

What's included in your membership?

🍰 Monthly topics - we've covered all sorts of things from Website Basics to Using Canva, Creating Brand Elements to Moodboards and Glueing your brand together (this one's about some important stuff that you just don't think about enough) - this months topic is Creating Printables. All of the topics are available in the club for you to work through when you're ready.

🍰 Quick successes - these are quick wins, small things that you might want to do that don't require a whole monthly topic of their own. Things like creating a colour palette, creating a survey, downloading a Facebook live..

🍰 Feedback and Accountability in the Facebook group

🍰 Downloadable imagery

🍰 Bonuses - all of the challenges and events (like the Garden Party) go exclusively into the Brand Success Club

🍰 The full length Five minutes with... videos go exclusively into the Brand Success Club

I would love to see you in the club and help you out with gaining clarity and control over your brand. Email me if you have ANY questions about it.

I'm Amy, and I love love LOVE helping business owners just like you create compelling brands which captivate your audience and help you to feel confident about how your business looks. If your brand lacks sparkle then throwing glitter at the problem won't help. It's about creating something that attracts the right people and gives them an idea of what you're all about.
Branding is my thing. If you are a solo entrepreneur looking to raise your game then I'm here for you - and The Brand Success Club is the perfect place for us to do that. Together.

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Monthly Topics

Each month we'll tackle a new topic together to help you build your brand.


Get some accountability for your brand building - use the group to share your aims and your successes.


Access member-only downloads, printables, worksheets and videos.

Member only newsletters

When I have a new thing, you'll get the first chance to get it. Before anyone else.

Answers & Feedback

Ask questions, get feedback,  share your progress. Live Q&A every month.


Need a quick video, worksheet or explanation? Just ask.


Use the private Facebook group to share, ask, help, support and join in.

Weekly emails

Challenges, trainings and events will be stored in your members area. And we'll have fun in the Club too.

The Brand Success Club is a safe place to work on your brand at your own pace with expert support and a community of people who all want to improve their brand and cut through the waffle to find out what that actually means and how to do it.

M O N T H L Y    T O P I C S

Some of the topics that we can cover month by month - based on the needs of the members.

I'll also be inviting clever people to deliver content on areas that I'm not an expert in which will help you out too!


As well as regularly added Quick Success trainings, resources and worksheets. Just ask if you need something.

Do you ever feel…

Overwhelmed with building your brand?

That you could use a place to bounce ideas around and share your creations before you share them with the world?

That you want to discover new ways to create your visual brand, quickly?

That you need to get clear on what it is that your brand IS but you’re just not sure how?

That you know working on your brand is a good idea but you’re lacking in resources?

…then The Brand Success Club is perfect for you.

My branding has helped my business to grow, make more money and make people feel confident to buy from me in a big way. I think it makes me look professional and consistent.

- Christine Partington, Gems

This is for you if:

  • you're struggling with your business image and need a bit of support, advice and accountability
  • you're just starting your business or you're already in business
  • you want some tips and ideas as well as the opportunity to ask questions and find out more
  • you like helping others out
  • you are a lovely person (I only accept lovely people!)
  • you know your brand could be better but you're not sure how to make it happen

This is not for you if:

  • you think your brand is 100% sorted and there's nothing else you can learn
  • you would rather hire someone to sort it all out for you (go here if so...)
  • you are certain that your business is giving out the right impression all the time, everywhere

Re-branding allowed us to create a theme which could be transmitted throughout the company as it grew and new departments were created, logos that followed the theme could be created for consistency.

- Alison Stephenson, AAA Property (North East Limited)

Discover what your business is all about, gaining clarity and focus on your brand. It's a place to find out how to make that into a great, compelling brand that stops people - the right people - in their tracks. It's somewhere where you can ask questionsshare your ideas and give help back to others. It's a place to share your design work and get feedback on it, as well as using the advice and resources - to make sure that when you do put your designs out into the world they are absolutely bang on and will make a difference. A picture paints a thousand words - you don't want to waste a single letter. The Brand Success Club is a place where you can benefit from the monthly topicsdiscovering more about your business, your brand AND what you are capable of. It's a place to meet new challenges and have fun and move your business forward.

  • Share your aims, seek feedback, find handy resources all in one place, find answers to your questions, seek advice.
  • Share what you’re doing with others and really get to grips with your brand and work out what it is that you’re all about.
  • Have a bit of accountability and not feel as though you’re struggling with things on your own.
  • Be part of a community of lovely people who want to make their brands better
  • Receive handy resources/ worksheets/ printables every month
  • We’ll tackle something new together each month which will help you to dig deeper into your brand or create something better – this will mostly be led by the needs of the group
  • There’ll be trainings to help you with various aspects of your brand
  • There’ll be other stuff that I haven’t thought of yet too! (and maybe some things that you come up with if you can think of anything to make it better)

Having a strong brand puts me in a strong position, my brand says quality and success and that is exactly what I give my clients. 

- Keith Newman, Highlights PR