This is for you if you want your business to go places. Once you have a logo you really do need to know what to next! This sets you up with templates that you can reuse over and over again as well as giving you all the design information you need to make key decisions and grow your brand yourself. That bonus will come in super handy 😉

- Consultation (by phone, in person, email, Zoom - you don't need to be in the same country)

- Concept Creation - 3 ideas to choose from and discuss


-Your logo and submark in various colourways as suitable for print and web use

-Your logo and submark supplied as png, jpeg, pdf, ai and eps

-Your profile image for Facebook and Twitter

-8 x social media templates for Canva

-Brand Style Sheet so you know which colours and fonts to use

-Video explaining your files

-Video explaining how to use your templates

Bonus! One years membership to the Brand Success Club.


It’s the pay-monthly membership club that gives you BRAND BRAVERY – 

aka the confidence to create an amazing brand. 

It all takes place in The Brand Success Club private Facebook group.  

In here, you’ll be guided by me to get clarity on your brand.

It’s an ADVENTURE that helps you to… 

BUILD and discover what your brand is really about and banish the confusion! (Everything you need to know about what makes you, you!)

GROW your brand with guidance and support from me! (Make it consistent so it can go the distance.)

SHOW-OFF your brand to the big wide world! (Understand how to get your brand OUT visually & attract the right people!)


me doing your branding for you!

a design service!

about changing how you look!


becoming a brand adventurer & explorer

learning & doing it for yourself! (go you!) 

getting confident & consistent with your brand!

What happens in The Brand Success Club?


(The ‘what’s included in your membership’ bit…)


In this club, you'll learn the strategies and skills you need to build your brand, connect with your ideal customers and make more money.

It’s all about understanding your brand and getting it out there! 

The club is packed with super useful information.

And yep, you could just buy a branding book or ‘google’ the info. But you’ve probably done that already and you’re still confused or stuck!

Learning involves soooooo much more than getting the info! 

It’s reading, watching, listening but most importantly – it’s DOING – and then learning from the doing!

The Brand Success Club lets you do all this with…

-Monthly Topics (voted for by you!) tackling different areas! We cover BRAND BUILDERS, BRAND GROWERS AND BRAND SHOW-OFFS! (All past topics are available in the Club to work through at your own pace!)

-Quick Successes Easy-to-do, how-to guides…packed with quick brand-building tips

Live Training & Masterclasses – I love going live! So, you’ll find me doing lots of planned training live in the group!

Downloadable Resources & Printables with tons of easy to understand info

Worksheets & Exercises to help you use your new skills and get on and do it!

Downloadable imagery to boost your brand!

Live Monthly Q&A I love questions! Ask away and I’ll answer. 

Access to the Chief Brand Explorer (that’s me and my branding brain!) – for feedback, questions and support (Show me what you’re up to and you’ll get constructive feedback on your branding work to make it even better!)

Community – your fellow Brand Club Adventurers – for feedback, community, accountability and adventure!

Exclusive Access to the FULL ‘Three Tips With…’ Videos –  other experts who come along to teach you the stuff I can’t! 

(And with no tie-in, there’s really nothing to lose and everything to gain!)


FUN, BRAND-BOOSTING BONUSES – lots of exciting challenges and events (like the Mini Brand Adventure) go exclusively into the Brand Success Club FOREVER! (There’s already 8 huge bonuses waiting in there for you! Giving you access to so many awesome brand building tools INSTANTLY! There’s videos, factsheets, worksheets and soooooooooooooo much more!)

MICROADVENTURES WITH GUEST EXPERTS (Coming Soon! Eeeeek!) – I’m so excited to have a range of experts lined up to explore EVEN MORE useful strategies and tips with you in the upcoming monthly topics!  From developing your brand voice to boosting your sales or creating awesome on-brand photos – these experts are gonna bring so much more value to the Club!

In summary…

The Brand Success Club is all about YOU getting out there and DOING IT! 

Building, growing and showing-off your brand! 

It’s about applying the stuff you learn and getting feedback – so everything will get easier to do and you’ll get better and faster at doing it!  

You’ll get my 5Cs…Clarity, Confidence, Consistency, Connection and Customers (& £££££!)…

That's how you’ll master your BRAND BRAVERY!

Join the monthly club that gives you the confidence to create amazing on brand and professional graphics for your business, understand how to get your brand OUT there and remove the overwhelm and confusion around trying to be consistent and creative with your brand.